Firstly, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last 7 months – I’m quite sure you’ve all been on tenterhooks for this blog revival, so please sit back, get comfy and enjoy the mediocre anecdotal prose that follows. Oh, and Londoniversary is totes a real word. If you hadn’t guessed it, today marks … More Londoniversary!


When I told the various people in my life I was moving to Brixton, here are some of the wide-ranging reactions I received: “Darling, why? I’d only ever live North of the river.” “Ah super cool, I used to live in a squat in Brixton. It was pretty grim, but that was the eighties. You’ll … More Brixton

The morning commute

As I see it, the morning commute paints a pretty bleak picture. Before I get into the gloomy detail, I wanted to make clear that this post is conceivably going to turn into a rant. If you don’t want a rant, look away now. I am ranting already. I can feel it rising. Ranting is … More The morning commute

Everything I know about the working world (via F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

I joined the world of full time employment approximately 2 years ago, and I was genuinely terrified. Everything I had learnt up until that point about the working world had been solely down to my pointless enthusiasm for watching Friends re-runs, rather than studying for a good grade in my degree. If honest, I’m still mildly clueless as … More Everything I know about the working world (via F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

London, in a nutshell

I moved to London 3 months ago. As a total amateur at living in the bright lights of the capital city, I have taken it upon myself to share a few light-hearted observations I’ve made in my short (yet, enlightening) time here. So, here goes… a few notes from a glasshalffull female twenty-something, on a budget. Wide pavements are essentially used … More London, in a nutshell