The quirks of sisterhood

My big sister moved across the pond last month, permanently. There is nothing I love more than being the little half to our sibling duo, and therefore I wanted to share a few of my favourite sibling quirks with the world, in light of my new found loneliness.

So, this is for Holly… the Tia to my Tamera, the Mary-Kate to my Ashley, the Kenan to my… Well, you get the drift.

Third wheeling.

Pretty much everyone has the wrong idea about the concept of third wheeling. Go out for a dinner with me and a guy and you’ll likely get just as much attention as he does. Go out with me and my sister on the other hand, and you don’t stand a chance. We essentially talk in a series of ‘in jokes’ which can be likened to an alternative language or secret code. Essentially, you need to be about on a par with Alan Turing to have any kind of chance at partaking in conversation. Therefore, best just to stay home and leave us to talk shit about our parents ’til the wee hours.

Sibling rivalry.

I don’t often find myself wanting to prove myself as better than my sister. I know she’s totally awesome, and don’t fancy my chances pitted head to head with her in many aspects of my life (you only have to get a glance at me during a Tuesday night family screening of University Challenge to know I’d be way out of my depth). Rather than prove myself as a worthy rival, I’ve always felt more that proving myself to her was more the crux of the issue. Being a little sister, it kinda comes with the territory. Anything she does is totally epic, and therefore she constantly makes me up my game, whilst all the while keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Talking crap about your parents.

Now, for the most part, I think my parents are pretty cool. However, if you have a sibling, there is rarely anything you enjoy more than a good gossip about how mental your parents are. “HOW DID WE TURN OUT SO NORMAL??” is an all too common theme of our conversations. Just to give a little context – it wasn’t until we hit our later teenage years that we realised that it is actually not all that normal for the following things to happen during childhood:

1. You’re taken out of primary school, to go on a day road trip to Calais to buy cheap wine (don’t tell the govt)

2. You’re woken at 2am one morning to be informed by your Dad that Hale Bopp has landed in the Garden, and you must come quick or you’ll miss it

3. When, upon asking, “What’s for pudding?”, you’re greeted with the prospect of a delightfully juicy red pepper (because there isn’t even any real fruit lurking around the mad house)

But at least we’ve got some stories for the grandkids, right?

The final thing to say is that when you have a sister who doubles as your best friend, you get so used to mind-reading that spoken sentiments go out the window (written ones too). Therefore, I thought an embarrassing picture was far more in keeping with the wonderful quirks of sisterhood.

Doesn’t she look great in tartan?


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