When I told the various people in my life I was moving to Brixton, here are some of the wide-ranging reactions I received:

Darling, why? I’d only ever live North of the river.

Ah super cool, I used to live in a squat in Brixton. It was pretty grim, but that was the eighties. You’ll love it!”

Oh right, so you’re edgy now yeah?” *raises eyebrow*

Are you sure it’s safe darling? You know your grandma would never visit you there

(I’ll leave those of you who know me to figure out who said what)

Now I’ve established myself a little life here (and confirmed that all of the prior statements are utter bollocks), I wanted to share my favourite Brixton haunts, for doing my favourite things (booze and food, obvs).

Firstly, and most importantly…. Brunching. Brixton village is a front runner when it comes to impressive (and good value) foody places, and my particular favourite for the most important meal of the day is The Salon. Mildly pretentious but completely delicious breakfasty things are their calling and I can’t recommend the banana bread highly enough. Breakfast should always be followed by breakfast desert… Duh.

Now brunch is out the way, lets talk food of the fancy French variety. Naughty Piglets is must visit for really interesting dishes to make you want to instantaneously book a one way flight to Paris and never look back (it’s that good). Over and above the deliciousness, is the great service and cutesy atmosphere. It’s family run and the staff assuredly know their Pinot Noir from their Cabernet Sauvignon. More importantly, they won’t make you feel like it matters that you don’t.

If you’re looking for casual drinks (particularly on a sunny day) look no further than Brixton Pop. It’s essentially a weird collection of shipping containers which make rather lovely little bar and food stops. Whether you want a beer, some gyoza and ping pong in the sunshine, or a large glass of South African vino and a selection of cheeses, it pretty much has something for everyone. It’s also a winner if you have the kind of fairy light obsession that I seem to be unable to shake, despite being old enough to know better.


Finally, I’ve fallen in love with The Ritzy. It’s one of the oldest cinema’s in South London, and it has the atmosphere to make you believe it. I’ve always been a fan of Picturehouse cinema’s based on their eclectic pick of movies, but this one by far trumps the others I’ve previously happened upon. Screen 1 is the largest of the screens and it’s just like being in an old style theatre. It brings a sense of occasion to your Sunday date night with it’s personality far exceeding the modern day equivalent. Warning – you’ll need to book in advance, and it isn’t cheap. However, the bar is perfectly stocked, and you can head into the screening with a glass of wine, so who’s complaining? Oh, and people aren’t in the least bit judgey about solo cinema goers (lucky for me).

That’s it for my top picks, although I really could go on.

On that note, I really aught to consider venturing outside of my lovely London home town one of these coming weekends.

Or maybe I’ll just scrap that and continue to drink my own weight in Flat Whites at The Salon as often as humanly possible.


Brixton, you babe.


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